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But the cost of living here is much, much higher than you’d expect, especially if you’re in the habit of buying anything that’s of a decent quality or — horror of horrors — imported.

Uruguay charges such high import duties on everything from diapers to cars that prices are vastly inflated for quality goods.

It’s a mess, and this forward-looking country could and should do much better. Juan Vaz and Alicia Castilla, whose arrests for possession of cannabis plants are widely credited with sparking a new discussion on pot legalization, both have told me they hate the new law that passed earlier this month.

(David Mc New/Getty Images) Ok, so Uruguay just legalized the cultivation, sale and taxation of weed. To buy weed here, you have to register with the government, which will track your pot purchases, capped at 40 grams a month.

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The lack of good, inventive food in Montevideo, a city of more than a million people, is astonishing.

When friends visit, we’re at a loss as to where to take them out for dinner.

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